Who we are

SCAS is the Southern Counties Archery Society. Set up over a century ago to run the Southern Counties Archery Meeting (SCAM), SCAS is a Regional Society of the Grand National Archery Society, and acts to promote and encourage the sport of archery in the Sounthern Counties of England.

SCAS, like other regions, carries out a wide range of functions that promote or support archery. There's a list of regional functions here (PDF, 64kb) for information.


SCAS includes thirteen counties. All archery Clubs and Archers in the member counties are eligible to join SCAS, and most do so so via their counties. At 2011, SCAS included about 14000 archers.


SCAS is run by Regional Council, consisting of County representatives and elected Officers and Officials. More details on regional council can be found here.